15 November 2007

Clinton Rakes in Record Cash from Weapons Industry

With corporate cash usually predestined for Republicans, the US arms industry is contributing significantly to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. Clinton's unprecedented support from the defense industry has many war-weary Americans wondering what role war profiteering would play in a Hillary Clinton administration.

Check out the article US: Clinton Bucks The Trend and Rakes in Cash From The US Weapons Industry published last month in The Independent (UK).

"The industry's strong support for Mrs Clinton indicates that she is their firm favourite to win the Democratic nomination in the spring and the presidential election in November 2008. In the last presidential race, George Bush raised more than $800,000 - twice the sum collected by his Democratic rival John Kerry."


Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing this information further to light. I think Hillary Clinton is very, very bad news for this country if We The People want to safeguard freedom and protect our way of life from undue corporate influence and corruption. War profiteering in any form (including lobbying and financial support of election candidates)should be seriously limited if not outlawed. I don't think John Edwards takes corporate money. Not sure about the others.

Anonymous said...

HILLARY 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Golly! I wonder who's funding this blog? Karl, or just some democrat who really wants another four years of Republican control? Let's be honest here, 'a pony' isn't a menu option this election--but saving the United States of America is! Senator Clinton is your next President!

Cangrejero said...

I love the implication here that the big bad mean vicious old Clinton will roll over like a kitten for a whopping $52,600. You mean if I raised that money, she would be in my pocket? Please. Could it be that the gun lobby knows that she's going to win this race? Maybe they're the idiots for wasting this cash?

Charlie K. said...


You mention "Karl" in your comment. I assume you mean Karl Rove. Did you see the article on this blog about Hillary Clinton and Karl Rove? Also, do you not think any of the other, less corporatist candidates are worthy of running against the Republican?